Industry Placements

A significant selling point for the T Levels is the requirement to participate in an industry placement putting what they learn in the classroom into practice. The key difference from a “work experience” is that the placement will be high quality whilst offering meaningful training.

Each T Levels industry placement can vary in length however it must last for a minimum of 315 hours (approximately 45 days).

At Painsley you will not only be supported by your subject staff but also by our designated industry placement officer, Mrs Bentley, who will support you through your industry placement experience.

Industry Placement FAQ’s

Could my placement be longer than 315 hours (45 days)?

Yes, the 315 hours is a minimum expectation.

Can I work virtually or from home?

No, the requirements set out for industry placements state that the placements should be carried out in a realistic setting. Students are not allowed to work remotely at home, or in their college setting.

Will I be paid on my placement?

No, students are not entitled to a salary

Will the school provide me with a placement, or will I have to find my own?

Either. The school will seek to support students by finding a placement but some students may have contacts within the specialist industry and wish to use those. Mrs Bentley will support any student with these contacts to ensure that all the appropriate checks and assurances are met.

If you are an employer who is interested in taking any of our students on an industry placement then please contact Mrs Bentley (