Digital Production, Design and Development

We started our T Level journey with the Digital Production, Design and Development course as one of the limited first wave 2020 providers. In August 2022 we had our first cohort complete the T Level and achieved some phenomenal results. 60% of the cohort achieved a Distinction with the remaining 40% achieving a merit.

The course itself is split into 3 sections,

  • Core Unit
  • Industry Placement
  • Occupational Specialism

Core Unit

The core unit is split into 3 sections assessed by 2 exams and a practical assessment called an employer set project.

Exam 1Exam 2Employer Set Project (ESP)
This exam will test your problem solving and programming knowledge. It also looks at emerging technologies and legislation affecting the Digital industry.Exam 2 focuses on the business context of the Digital industry including the digital environment. In addition, how it uses data and the security implications of a digital system.The employer set project is a set task that will demonstrate your decision/planning skills, show that you can debug and correct errors in someone else’s code, design, build and evaluate a software app of your own.

Industry Placement

In the industry placement, you will work in a software developer role for a minimum of 45 days (or 315 hours). You will start the placement as a 3-week block placement. This is then reduced to 3 days per week until the placement has been completed.

Occupational Specialism

This unit is where you start to specialise in software development topics.

  • You will look at the different roles within a development team.
  • You will learn how to program in a second language
  • You’ll also be expected to come up with and carry out a test plan and evaluate the software that you have made.
  • Show that you can work collaboratively on a project.

This is a task set by the exam board and completed over a number of weeks. The work you do will be sent off and marked like an exam.

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