What our parents say about us

92% of parents would recommend Painsley Sixth Form

“Painsley Sixth Form is helping my child to progress into becoming a well-rounded adult, not just obtaining A levels.”

“A great school ethos, fantastic teachers and amazing support.  A truly fantastic school.  My son has enjoyed his academic life here immensely.  Thank you!”

“High teaching standards and high expectations for pupil sucess and discipline.”

“The staff know their pupils and the care shown to those pupils surpasses anywhere else.  The standards at Painsley are absolutely top class.”

“The communication is great.  As soon as a problem arises parents are notified and the problem solved.”

“Students are encouraged to treat each other with respect.  Issues are sorted quickly and students are pushed to achieve the best they can.”

“My children are happy at Painsley, they are getting a fabulous education and a great support system.”