T Level students Achieve Merit in Digital Course with Outstanding Industry Placements

In a remarkable achievement, this year’s cohort of dedicated students at Painsley Catholic College have successfully completed their Digital T Level course with flying colours, each earning themselves a well-deserved merit. The students not only demonstrated exceptional proficiency in their exams and coursework but also excelled during their 45-day industry placements, further enhancing their skills and real-world knowledge.

The Digital T Level course, known for its comprehensive curriculum, rigorous training, and focus on practical application, has provided these students with an unparalleled foundation in digital technology. During their studies, students have worked diligently to master the essential skills and concepts that are vital for success in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.
A significant highlight of this achievement is the students’ remarkable performance during their industry placements. For 45 days, these aspiring professionals immersed themselves in real-world work environments, gaining invaluable insights, experience, and networking opportunities. This exposure not only honed their technical skills but also nurtured a deep understanding of the industry’s expectations and demands.

One of the pinnacle accomplishments of these students was the successful completion of their Occupational Specialism task – the creation of a professional-looking app that linked the fields of health and meteorology. Leveraging the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the course and the insights gained during their placements, these students demonstrated their prowess by developing innovative and practical applications that could potentially contribute to the digital transformation of various sectors.

“The achievement of these students is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and passion for digital technology,” said Mrs Waugh, Principal at Painsley Catholic College. “Through their merit-worthy performance, they have not only proven their capabilities but have also showcased the effectiveness of the Digital T Level course in preparing individuals for success in the digital realm.”
As the students celebrate this milestone, they are now well-positioned to make significant contributions to the digital industry. Both students intend to continue to work in the field. Jack Lonergan will be studying Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University, while George Uttley will start a career in the RAF as a Cyberspace Communications Specialist. The success of these students underscores the commitment of Painsley Catholic College to providing top-notch education that equips individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the modern world.
Congratulations to all the students for their remarkable achievement on the Digital T Level course, and here’s to a bright future filled with innovation and success!


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